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The Social Justice Medal of the British People (MBP)

The Social Justice Medal of the British People (MBP)

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Since the 14th century, honours and medals have been used to recognise achievement for individuals from all walks of life for long service, meritorious service, dedication and sacrifice. The award of a medal is still used to this day and seen as the most prestigious way of recognising such achievements. The MBP (Medal of the British People) is the first commemorative issue that allows individuals and organisations to give thanks and show gratitude to individuals that truly deserve a medal for their contribution. 

The stunning design of The Medal of the British People has been cast by master craftsmen to the highest standards. The design has been inspired by some of the highest honours and decorations of our Great British honours system and is finished in a highly polished silver plated style.

The rich burgundy ribbon, supported by the ornate suspender bar is woven using traditional methods using the same techniques used to manufacture ribbons for today's military awards.

How it works

Anyone can nominate a recipient from any sector or walk of life. Please select the most relevant category, complete name of the recipient and give a brief description for the reason for the award. 

Once your order has been completed, our panel will review your order and should we require any further information or justification for your application for a MBP, we will communicate this to you with 7 days. If for any reason your application is deemed inappropriate we will, after consultation with you, refund your order in full.

If you wish to discuss your application prior to completing your order, please contact us here - a member of our panel will reply to you within 7 days.

Delivery and Presentation

Each medal is delivered in a plush lined presentation case within 28 days of application (we can deliver awards sooner if required - please advise us if you require your medal for a specific date). If selected (in the options above), a silver coloured plaque will be added to the Presentation Case detailing the name of the recipient and reason for the award.


The reverse of the medal is adorned with a regal double laurel leaf branch with a space in the centre for the name of recipient and reason for award to be added. If selected (in the options above), please complete the required engraving details and these will be laser etched on to the surface of the medal.


How to use

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When you place an order with You Deserve A Medal, each order is sent to our panel for assessment. Whilst this is a Commemorative Issue, we will always ensure that each medal is being awarded for a valid, credible reason.

Our panel have been selected for a cross-section of industry and public sectors to help give as broad a viewpoint as possible. If you have any questions about our panel process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mr K Paton-Feaver - Business Owner, Shropshire

Miss A Leighton - Theatre Volunteer

Mrs S Goldie - Holistic Therapist, Oxfordshire

Mrs J Jones - Medal Specialist, Shropshire

Mr G Rogers - Former Soldier & Reservist, Kent

Miss S Jones - Customer Service & Hospitality Specialist, Shropshire

Mr D Feaver - Veteran, Kent


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